International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

Intervento di Marco Perini e Monica Pentassuglia al convegno “Edulearn17 – International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies” – Barcellona (Spagna)

The management of institutional innovation process through the introduction of instructional technology in vet centers. A comparative case study.

Since Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) had taken part of everyday life both in workplace and domestic settings, the Italian educational system has progressively tried to promote technological innovations within schools. The present contribution takes place in the iCnos project started in 2012 and promoted and driven by the central coordination of CNOS-FAP federation. This paper aims to analyse experiences and actors’ voices involved in the project in order to achieve a better comprehension of the process and providing transferable and reusable information. Four VET centres were randomly selected among those included in the iCnos project. Teachers who were responsible to coordinate the local section of the overall project were interviewed in two different occasions. The first interview concerned the iCnos project as an innovation process; the second interview was focused on the changes occurred during the last two years. Following the Grounded Theory approach data analysis shows the presence of several elements that seems to be crucial in innovation processes. Findings also confirm the crucial role of pedagogical leanings and teaching practices, as well as the efficiency of technological infrastructures (devices and internet connection), as an essential prerequisite without which the use of ICT for support teaching would not be possible. As an in progress research project there are future analysis to be considered; a deeper analysis of data gathered and a further comparison with the literature can allow to identify a set of good practices that can help teachers to develop similar innovation processes.

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