A systematic scoping review on skills variety for vet in the industry 4.0

Authors: Francesco Tommasi, Ioris Franceschinis, Marco Perini & Riccardo Sartori

In the wake of the 4th industrial revolution, the prospects about new jobs and workers’ skills, and competence appear to be uncertain. There is a large agreement about the view of the current revolution as characterized by an embedded exponential evolution which will affect the labor transformation as well as future workers’ curriculum. Therefore, researchers and practitioners in the field of vocational and educational training (VET) are questioning about which skills and abilities will be the core of the third-millennium jobs ‘profiles. Accordingly, the present poster intends to present the results of a systematic scoping review in order to offer a knowledge-based description of VET in the 4.0 industry. By the use of this method among three main databases, the contribution purposes a synthesis of n=13 items by which three classes of competences emerged, namely, scientific-, transversal- competences, and technical skills. All of these classes resulted to be relevant for the futuristic workers to compete in the diverse, and plural world of the 4th revolution of work. Moreover, the present paper offers possible applied implications in VET sectors of training and development as well as a forward perspective for human resources management.

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